History of Marché 440

How can we restore ancient agricultural lands that have become infertile to its former glory?

This is the challenge that Jean Rizzuto and his family took on more than 30 years ago… and what motivates them to develop new agri-food models still today!

When it first opened in 1983, this farmer’s market was quite literally located in the middle of agricultural fields. At that time, Autoroute 440 was simply a boulevard.

More than 3 decades have passed. Many vendors whom opened their doors at the beginning are still offering their services today, such as the fishmonger, Variation 440, Vrac en folie, Pizza Mia and Pasta Bella. It is a pleasure and an honour to share this history with them!

True to its traditions and thanks to its unique way of doing things, the market has built genuine relationships with its clientele, provided personalised service, and offered fresh, high-quality products throughout the years! Fads may come and go, but some things are timeless.

Customers today like to know where their food comes from, and they are more health conscious. With its local products, Marché 440 promotes healthy eating while supporting local businesses.

The vendors you’ll discover here are passionate! They know their products like the back of their hand and will take great pleasure in sharing their knowledge with you. Many of them have been plying their trade for many generations and you can taste it! They rely on their experience, but nevertheless know how to evolve to meet the needs of a clientele that is increasingly interested in quality food and cooking.

And as a market must be a unifying one, several workshops and events are offered under the new flowered Pergola, that stands behind the Locanda.

Our market offers innovation while staying true to its traditional values.

Discover the festive atmosphere of this
gourmet hub and share in the joy of eating!